Angie Banned From Sudan!

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No KHARTOUM for you! ANGELINA JOLIE prevented from entering the Arab republic by authorities.


The “Maleficent” star’s absence was confirmed by the British embassy in Sudan, after she was slated to appear at a summit in Khartom, Sudan.


Jolie, a goodwill for the United Nations, did lend her presence at the event in a video, where she criticized Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir and his administration. They sentenced to death Meriam Yahya Ibrahim, a Christian woman who would not renounce her religion, and was subsequently convicted of “apostasy” – a conviction that marked her for death. 

“Khartoum should respect the fundamental right to freedom of religion, and to repeal its laws that ban people from converting their faith, as they are inconsistent with its 2005 Interim Constitution, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights,” Jolie said in the clip.


The honorary dame also took exception with what she said was a disproportionate amount of wealth and power among Sudan’s political elites. “They steal wealth, then fund the Janjaweed, the internal security organs, and the Sudanese Air Force, and ensure that those brutal instruments of control are held by a small circle of ruling party officials,” Angie had said. 

No wonder her visa was denied!