ANGELINA JOLIE and her first husband, Jonny Lee Miller, are back together. And they celebrated their reunion in true Angelina Jolie fashion — by getting tattoos, then making out with each other in front of her lesbian friend!

Angelina tattooed herself with the feminist slogan “Know Your Rights.”

“‘This tattoo symbolizes where I am today,” proclaimed Angelina. “No one’s ever gonna take advantage of me again.”

The 28-year-old “Tomb Raider” beauty convinced Jonny and her lesbian friend Jillian Armenante of “Judging Amy” to get inked at Mark Mahoney‘s Shamrock Social Club tattoo parlor in Los Angeles on January 28.

“Angelina suddenly announced: ‘We’re all getting tattoos,’ ” revealed a pal. “She dragged them into a tattoo parlor at midnight. Angelina took her top off and ordered the tattoo artist to write ‘Know Your Rights’ across the top of her back.”

Jonny — who Angelina divorced in 1999 before marrying Billy Bob Thornton — had a griffin tattooed on his wrist.

“Then Angelina leaped into Jonny’s arms and they exchanged passionate kisses.

“Three days later the couple was out together again, having breakfast with Angelina’s adopted son Maddox.” — JOHN SOUTH and RICK EGUSQUIZA