Who leaked the erroneous news that Angelina Jolie had given to birth to twins to Entertainment Tonight?

After posting the story online and putting gossip news bureaus into a frenzy, Jolie-Pitt’s reps denied the blessed event had actually occurred — which put ET on the firing line.

In the world of celebrity news making, this may have been the hoax of the year.

On Monday, after everyone had rephrased their headlines and rewrite men were hunched over their keyboards late into the night, "Deep Twin" had been outed.

Someone posing as Jolie’s personal assistant, Holly Goline, had sent out the false information via e-mail.

  A senior ET producer had initiated the contact, however –  so who knew who when is the question and who’s just not being truthful.

Meanwhile, the bidding rights to exclusive pics of Angelina’s  twins are reportedly approaching $15 million.

The newborns, that is.