Angelina Jolie Bares Her Cancer-Battle Scars In Shocking Nude Scene!

Even as The ENQUIRER reports on 83-lb. Angelina Jolie’s fight against cancer, the brave actress is baring her body in a shocking new film!

But the daring actress insisted that it would be “cheating” to edit out the bathtub scene in her own screenplay for “By the Sea!”

The ENQUIRER was there for frail Angelina’s appearance with husband Brad Pitt on the red carpet for her film’s premiere, and the audience was shocked to see the star — who wrote and directed the film — putting herself through a nude scene after undergoing a preventative double mastectomy in 2013.

“There were lots of scenes I wanted to change or cut,” said Angelina.

“I realized it was going to be ME [nude] in that bathtub — but I told myself, ‘Put all of that aside!’

“Like, you can’t change or cut this scene because you’ve had a mastectomy, or because we’re married and people are going to analyze this or that. That would be cheating!”

As reported by The ENQUIRER earlier this year, Brad continues to be concerned about Angelina’s health — not just over cancer fears, but also about her possible battle with anorexia!

“By the Sea” opens in select theaters on Nov. 13.