AFTER slamming the “Murder, She Wrote” reboot, Angela Lansbury has been invited to guest star on the new series.

Sources say Oscar winner Octavia Spencer, who’s been tapped for the lead role in the updated version of the classic series, arranged for the 88-year-old Hollywood legend to do a guest gig on the show.

“When Octavia heard Angela felt snubbed by the reboot, she called Angela directly,” said an insider.

“She felt so bad over Angela’s negative reaction that she offered not to go ahead with the role unless Angela gave her blessing.

“Angela was so touched. She apologized for her harsh words and wished Octavia the best.”

As The ENQUIRER has reported, Angela – who played crime-solving mystery writer Jessica Fletcher from 1984 to 1996 on the CBS drama – blasted the reboot because she secretly hoped to return to fictional Cabot Cove, Maine, at least one more time for a TV movie.

The updated version will air on NBC and feature Octavia as a hospital administrator who doubles as an amateur sleuth and self-published mys­tery novelist caught up in real-life cases.

After Angela sounded off about the new show, “Octavia asked the producers and writers to work out a two- to six-week story line for Angela,” said the insider.

“She also asked Angela to mentor her and give her tips on making the role just right.

“Thankfully, Octavia was able to smooth over Angela’s ruffled feathers, and there’s no bad blood between them now.”