Primordial passion pit for dawn of time lover AMY POEHLER and “savage” new beau.

Sources say the perky blonde “Parks and Recre­ation” cutie, 41, has fallen for Nick Kroll, star of the 2007 sitcom “Cavemen” based on the popular GEICO insurance ads.

Amy separated from her husband Will Arnett in September, and she became close with Nick, 34, after he landed a recurring role on her NBC sitcom playing a radio shock-jock.

“NICK’S CHARACTER IS AN insufferable idiot called The Douche, who’s always making dumb fart jokes and saying the wrong thing,” noted a show insider.

“But, to Amy, Nick’s anything but insensitive. He’s been a rock of support during her split from Will, and he’s made her laugh when she could really use cheering up.”

The two were reportedly spot­ted looking “cozy” on a date at the Pikey Cafe and Bar on L.A.’s Sun­set Boulevard on March 29.

“No one even knew who Amy and Nick were,” a source said. “They were dressed down, looked very relaxed and casual.

“Amy appeared to be enjoying the conversation very much and laughed a lot.”

The former “SNL” star ditched her 42-year-old hubby after nine years of marriage. But as The ENQUIRER has reported, he’s desperate to reconcile with her.

“Will still loves Amy deeply, and he’s doing everything in his power to get back in her good graces,” an insider revealed to The ENQUIRER.

“He told a pal, ‘It’s not over till it’s over! We’re still crazy about one another. At least, I’m still crazy about her.’”

Since the breakup, “Arrested Development” star Will has grown especially close to the couple’s sons, Archie, 4, and Abel, 2. But now Amy appears ready to move on with Nick.

“The irony is that on ‘Parks and Rec,’ Amy and Nick don’t get along,” said the source.

“But off the set, it’s just the opposite. A spring romance seems to be in bloom!”