A DOZEN American beauties are about to get royally duped on FOX’s newest reality show “I Wanna Marry ‘Harry.’” The 12 sexy singles think they’ve actually got a shot at hooking England’s ginger-haired Prince Harry!

When “I Wanna Marry ‘Harry’” premieres its eight-show run on May 27, TV viewers will watch the women compete for the prince’s heart. But there’s a catch, of course – the man they’re vying for is actu­ally Prince Harry impersonator Matthew Hicks.

A graduate of the University of Southampton in England who now works as an environmental con­sultant, Hicks wines and dines the women in truly regal style. The bodyguards, black limos and lurk­ing paparazzi are all designed to convince the ladies that their big chance at becoming royalty is for real.

Apparently, the scam worked. According to a FOX promo, when Matthew’s true identity was finally revealed, some of the women broke down in tears!

“This is a new low for the lowest form of so-called reality TV ever put on the air,” veteran TV critic Bill Mann told The ENQUIRER. “I feel sorry for the audience that watches something like this. FOX’s viewers are getting shafted – royally!”

Hicks has appeared as a fake Prince Harry on the British TV show “Come Dine With Me” and has also been hired as a look-alike by nightclubs. One of the only obvious differences be­tween the two is that Hicks has blonde hair, not the reddish color the real Prince Harry sports. The im­personator even commented on his Facebook page before filming the show: “My life is about to become ridiculous. Probably time to stock up on hair dye!”

There’s no word yet from the royal family, but the battling babes should be aware that the REAL 29-year-old prince has gotten VERY close with fellow blue blood Cressida Bonas, and an engage­ment announcement is expected any day now.

This isn’t the first time a reality TV show has tried to bait viewers with royalty. Italy’s Prince Lorenzo Borghese starred on Season 9 of “The Bachelor” on ABC, and he actually hooked up with contestant Jennifer Wilson. Unfortunately, the romance only lasted two months.

It’s also not the first time a reality show has run a scam on a group of lovelorn ladies. “Joe Million­aire” had women convinced that they were going to marry big money – but it was actually construction worker Evan Marriott posing as a filthy rich guy.

But Mann says “I Wanna Marry ‘Harry’” is com­pletely over the top.

“Can anyone believe that these women were gullible enough to think that Prince Harry really is looking for a wife on TV?” he said. “With all the terrible ideas networks have for shows, this could be FOX’s ‘crowning’ achievement. They’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one.”

But another source noted: “Even though the show is an obvious scam, ratings will probably go through the roof because people like to watch train wrecks like this.”