“American Pie” star Shannon Elizabeth’s marriage is in trouble — and she’s turned to a psychic for help, say pals.

The former Playboy model fears her marriage to actor Joe Reitman is crumbling because of the demands of their careers — but she desperately wants to salvage the union because she says after nearly eight years they’re both still in love.

“Shannon is a firm believer in psychic powers,” a close friend told The ENQUIRER.

“Part of the problem, Shannon believes, is that she may have been too young to get married, and she’s hoping her psychic can give her some perspective on the situation.”

Strains in the marriage were evident earlier this year when Shannon guested on “That ’70s Show,” playing Ashton Kutcher‘s love interest in a multi-episode story line.

“Joe was always around while the cast was working — but Shannon never introduced him to anyone,” revealed a set source.

“It seemed like he was keeping an eye on her — and I think Shannon was embarrassed.”

Added the close friend: “Shannon says her psychic warned her last year that she and Joe would be spending a lot of time apart. And she was right. One of Shannon’s complaints is that she and Joe hardly spend any time together.

“She spends more time with her girlfriends and her dogs, and that’s basically her life.”

The 31-year-old sultry brunette married her longtime 36-year-old beau following the peak of her career in June 2002. But now friends say there isn’t much passion left in the relationship — and that it became glaringly apparent on MTV’s practical joke show “Punk’d.”

Joe was supposed to be setting up Shannon — telling her that someone got ahold of a sex tape of the two of them.

“But Joe turned out to be the fool,” said a friend of the couple. “He was the one who really got ‘punk’d’ when Shannon admitted they hardly even have sex anymore!

“Joe was sitting there squirming. I know Joe and I know Shannon — and right now things aren’t good.”