There’s one record in “American Idol” beauty Trenyce Cobbins’ past that she doesn’t find harmonious — a criminal record for shoplifting hundreds of dollars worth of clothes from a clothing store!

According to court records obtained by The ENQUIRER, Trenyce — who was booked under her real name, Lashundra T. Cobbins — was slapped with two felony offenses: One for theft of property over $500 and another for theft of property worth $500 to $1,000.

The 22-year-old songbird’s arrest came in 1999 when she was working at a clothing store in her hometown of Memphis, Tenn.

“Employees at the store told management that she and another friend who worked at the store used to pick out clothes they liked and take them out of the store without paying,” said a source.

“Trenyce’s co-workers said that sometimes she’d take the stolen clothes out in the trash, then go back later to pick them up, but that most of the time she’d just carry them out in her purse or a large tote bag.

“When clothing and accessories started mysteriously missing while Trenyce was working, some of the store’s managers decided to launch a secret investigation.

“They had Trenyce and some of the other employees under surveillance for quite awhile before catching on to their scam.”

Finally, when they gathered enough evidence to have Trenyce arrested, police moved in and took her into custody.

“Store management believes that Trenyce was well into her shoplifting spree when she was arrested, and authorities could only prove that she took hundreds of dollars worth of clothes over a long period of time,” said the source.

“But employees who worked with her say by their calculations, all the missing items added up to nearly $5,000.

“She was so embarrassed, it turned her life around in a positive direction.

“Lucky for Trenyce, the Court recognized that she was just a teenager and her crime — although very serious — was probably just a product of falling in with the wrong crowd and making a bad decision.

“They agreed to erase her criminal record if she would attend a program and stay out of trouble.”

According to Shelby County court documents, both felony charges were eventually dropped from Trenyce’s record.