The ex-lover of AMANDA KNOX, Raffaele Sollecito’s no hold barred gripping tell-all tale of love, murder and betrayal.

Sollecitco’s new book, Honor Bound: My Journey to Hell and Back with Amanda Knox details the horror he endured following the lovers murder conviction and the emotional private moment the two shared following their sensational acquittal.

In the memoir Sollecito writes he elt “indescribable joy,” after they were acquitted of killing British student Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Italy. reported Amanda was sobbing, and he said they had a “private moment in the basement of the courthouse, waiting to be taken back to prison one last time.”

He said that his then-girlfriend, “Foxy Knoxy, “squeezed his hand and said she couldn’t wait to see her home and friends.”

Sollecito, an Italian native, describes his first night in prison where he felt “great waves of indignation and a nagging sense of guilt” despite the fact that he knew he was innocent.

He says that since they had smoked marijuana and were high around the time of Meredith’s  murder, he was angry at himself for having a foggy memory of the night, something the Italian police jumped on as a sign of the couple's guilt.

As The ENQUIRER previously reported Meredith was found half naked with her throat slit in the apartment she shared with Amanda in November 2007.

In his book, Sollecito maintains that Rudy Guede, a drug dealer and petty thief was the murderer acting alone and that the killing occurred after a robbery gone wrong. Guede was separately convicted of the murder and is currently serving a 16-year sentence.

Amanda and Raffaele were originally found guilty of Meredith’s death; the court claiming the murder was the result of a drug-fueled sexual assault. That sentence was overturned due to lack of evidence and they were both released, after four years of incarceration.

Despite enduring the horrors of the Italian police system, Knox and Sollecito soon broke upon their release.