Alyssa Angling For Oval Office Gig With Hillary

Alyssa Angling For Oval Office Gig With Hillary thumbnail

ALYSSA MILANO ready to ditch thesping for politicking and ready to serve under PRESIDENT HILLARY!  

The former “Who’s the Boss?” star plans to go into politics – and have Hillary Clinton as her boss!

As The ENQUIRER recently re­ported, Hillary is being targeted by a well-funded conservative group that’s determined to unearth her darkest secrets in an effort to tor­pedo her run for the White House. But Alyssa is still banking on Hillary becoming the first woman president in 2016 and is already campaigning for a position in her administration, say sources.

“Alyssa wants to turn her political activism into action,” disclosed an insider. “Over the past few years, she’s ramped up her involvement in causes and wants to be taken seriously in the political arena.

“Alyssa has been in touch with Hillary’s team and has promised to campaign hard for her election. In return, she wants an appointment in the administration, perhaps on the Pres­ident’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities.

“From there, Alyssa intends to hone her skills and eventually run for public office herself.”

The 41-year-old married mom of son Milo, 2, shot to fame on the classic Emmy-winning sitcom “Who’s the Boss?” alongside Tony Danza and Judith Light. She also starred on “Charmed” for seven seasons, and her ABC show “Mistresses” will be returning this summer.

But some of her proudest accom­plishments are off-screen.

The dark-haired beauty recently created the comic book series “Hacktivist” about global social activism. She also raises money for clean, safe drink­ing water in Ethiopia, serves as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambas­sador, and promotes environmental causes and animal rights.

“Alyssa says her five-year plan is to transition out of acting and focus on a full-time political career,” revealed the insider. "Her dream is to run for a Senate seat – and she hopes Hillary will become her personal political mentor.”