OLYMPIC swimming star Ryan Lochte made such a splash flirting with gor­geous Ireland Baldwin that she ended up split­ting from her live-in boyfriend Slater Trout.

Now the 18-year-old model is trying to make the 29-year-old gold medal winner her new boyfriend – upsetting her hot-headed, super-protective dad Alec, say insiders. The former “30 Rock” star is said to be dead-set against the match-up be­cause Ryan is more than a decade older than his daughter and has a repu­tation as a hard-partying, love-’em-and-leave-’em ladies’ man.

“Alec thinks Ryan’s a great athlete, but he just doesn’t want him dating his daughter,” revealed a close source.

“He thinks Ryan will end up breaking her heart.”

Ireland was swept away when Ryan gushed about her after they worked on a photo shoot together.

And their exchanges triggered an Olympic-sized blow-up in February with professional paddleboard surfer Slater, 19.

“Since then she’s contacted Ryan and put all sorts of pictures of him on her Instagram page,” said the source. “She’s made it clear she wants to be more than friends.”

But her determined dad would like to pry Ireland away from Ryan, who starred in a short-lived E! network reality show called “What Would Ryan Lochte Do?”

“He’s well aware of Ryan and his frat boy antics,” said the source. “That’s not the kind of person Alec wants for his daughter!”