Alec Baldwin is in and out of a hospital, fights with a photog, scuffles with cops and blames ex-wife  Kim Basinger for all his troubles yesterday.

 Alec was rushed to the hospital over a “misunderstanding”. After his release, Alec went to work on 30 Rock but when Baldwin returned home around 5:15 PM  that’s when the real trouble started.

An eyewitness told that a photographer from the New York Post asked Alec how he was and how his daughter Ireland was doing when Baldwin suddenly went ballistic!

Earlier reports claim that Ireland is the one who called 911 and had Baldwin taken to a hospital.

After the photographer asked his question Thursday afternoon, Baldwin brushed past him and then yelled, “This guy assaulted me.” About 20 seconds later, four marked NYPD cars arrived, as Alec was in the lobby of his building.    

“The police entered the lobby and Alec pointed out the photog,” an eyewitness said.

“Then, without any warning, Alec ran out of the lobby into the street, chased by police, and grabbed the jacket of the New York Post photographer – and the police had to restrain him and then brought Alec back inside.”

 An NYPD source revealed that Alec admitted to police from the 24th Precinct in Manhattan that his OD fear hospital trip was because he took “one Ambien” pill during an argument with his but  estranged ex-wife Kim Basinger told their daughter, Ireland,  to call 911 “in order to embarrass” the actor.