In a real-life version of “The Parent Trap,” AL and TIPPER GORE’s adult kids are trying to play matchmaker for their estranged parents, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.

The former vice president and his wife, both 63, announced in the spring of last year that they were separating after four decades of marriage.

They never filed for divorce, however, and their cold war finally began to thaw in April when the Gores had a little get-together in Manhattan to celebrate the publication of daughter Kristin’s third novel, “Sweet Jiminy.” Both Al and Tipper were present, and siblings Karenna, 38, and Albert III, 28, turned up to support their 34-year-old sister.

“That event was the start of the Gore kids’ grand plan to bring their mom and dad back together,” revealed a source close to the family.

“Since then, they have had their parents talking to each other more than they had in a com long, long time. Al has even paid a visit to Tipper at her house in Montecito, Calif., this past summer.

“That seemed to have reignited all the old feelings that they had for one another.”

Kristin managed to get her parents back together again at another book signing this past June in the Washington, D.C., area.

“The Gore children have been doing everything they can possibly do to reunite their parents,” said the insider, “and it seems to be working.”

Just a few years ago, the Gores’ love story began unraveling amid accusations against Al of inappropriate sexual behavior.

The ENQUIRER broke the story that a Portland, Ore., massage therapist claimed Gore had assaulted her in a hotel room. But Portland police never brought charges.

“There were a lot of hurt feelings after the Gores separated, and the atmosphere between Al and Tipper was frosty. But now they seem positively giddy around one another,” said the insider. “Kristin, Karenna and Albert are overjoyed that their efforts to reunite their famous folks have started to pay off. They couldn’t be happier!”