THE star of Discovery  Channel’s hit reality show “Airplane Repo” is a phony, in the opinion of two former business acquaintances.

Ken Cage, 47, co-owner of International Recovery & Remarketing Group (IRG), claims in his Discovery channel bio that he’s completed 1,200 high-end repos­sessions, including boats, airplanes, construction equipment and even racehorses.

But the company’s former owner says that’s not the whole story!

If Ken is saying he personally repossessed hundreds of airplanes and boats, Joe Dinardo points out that he believes Cage “doesn’t even have a pilot’s license or a captain’s license.”

Dinardo – a Fort Lauderdalebased private investigator and recovery agent who’s handled approximately 25,000 global repossessions – owned IRG for nearly 10 years before selling it to Cage in 2005.

Dinardo stated that, in his opinion: “All of those stories Ken brags about on his Discovery channel bio – debtors trying to run over him with Cadillacs, having guns pointed at him, nearly being beaten with a shovel – they’re incidents that either happened to other recovery agents he knows or stories that he’s fabricated to make himself out to be a dangerous character.”

And he isn’t alone in his criticism.

Randy Craft, an Orlando-based private investigator and recovery agent who was contracted to do repossessions for IRG for nearly five years, depicts Cage as not well-respected within the industry. Craft says he’s checked the ID numbers of some of the planes being “repossessed” on the show – and believes that they’re privately owned aircraft Cage borrowed or “rented” for filming.

Craft also believes: “The producers obviously didn’t check Ken and his team’s credentials.”