Our pets are like family — so why do we treat them like luggage when we fly?

That’s what the founders of Pet Airways asked before they started the world’s first pet-only airline, where pets fly in the main cabin, not in cargo.

When Dan Wiesel and Alysa Binder wanted to transport their dog Zoe from San Francisco to Florida, the only way was to put Zoe in the cargo hold. That terrifying experience led them to revolutionize pet travel.

“Most pets traveling by air in the U.S. are handled as baggage. This is not what most pet owners want to subject their pets to, but they had no other choice — until now,” says Dan. “At Pet Airways, pets fly in the main cabin which is climate controlled with lots of fresh re-circulating air, and under the watchful eye of a ‘pet attendant.’ It’s all about safety and comfort for our ‘pawsengers.'”

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