Anger management drop-out Naomi Campbell faced the magistrate today after pleading guilty to assaulting two policemen at Heathrow Airport.

Naomi, who is well known for her wild mood swings and free swinging, two-fisted style of fashion, was sentenced to 200 hours of community service.

She was ordered to also pay damage to each of the officers involved and an additional  $4900 in damages.

Campbell had taken a British Airways first class passage from London to L.A. when she was informed that one of her bags had not been loaded onto the jet.

When the ship’s captain tried to explain the situation to the moody fashionista, she went positively mental – screaming obscenities and calling her flunkies on her cell.

According to prosecutors, the mad model reportedly said, “Get me another flight, get the press, get me my lawyer!"

When the bobbies arrived, she viciously attacked them. 

The police had no choice but to handcuff her, forcibly removing her from the plane.

Despite a  mandatory "anger management" counseling after earlier incidents, apparently nothing seems to calm Naomi’s tempestuous nature.

Perhaps some Chai tea, luv?