OBAMA former aide basketball pal and BFF REGGIE LOVE said the PREZ played cards during Osama bin Laden slay ops.  

The speech was posted on YouTube and then was deleted, The NY Daily News said.

Former aide Love said in a recent sitdown interview at UCLA that Obama wasn’t glued non-stop to the video feed in the White House situation room during the raid that took out democracy’s number one enemy Osama bin Laden.

He took time out to play cards.

Love had told the assembled masses that Obama “was like, ‘I’m not, I’m not going to be down there, I can’t watch this entire thing’. 

“We must have played 15 hands-15 games of Spades,” Love elaborated.

Reggie Love became Obama’s personal assistant aka “body man” during the 2008 Presidential campaign.  The former NC college sports star played basketball with Obama every day there was a primary.

As Obama's aide, Love’s job was to anticipate any and all of Obama's needs, Wikipedia noted. Love left the President’s service at the end of 2011 to complete his Business Masters at U. Penn.

Although the Artists and Athletes Alliance posted and then deleted the video, several copies still exist on YouTube – including this one.

Why the video was removed is anyone’s guess but – too late. Once it’s out – it’s OUT.