SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: NANCY LANZA, the mother of SANDY HOOK madman ADAM LANZA went on last boozy bar hop in a New Hampshire resort town only days before her death.

Nancy Lanza was shot to death in her bed on the morning of Dec. 14, the first victim of her son’s murderous rampage. But just three days prior, Nancy, 52, made a 220-mile drive from her Connecticut home to the Omni Mount Washington Resort in Bretton Woods for some rest and relaxation.

“Nancy drove up there to escape her painful existence at home,” a source told The ENQUIRER. “She was at a crossroads on what to do with Adam, and occasionally she would make the trip to the hotel just to get away from it all.”

On the evening she arrived, Nancy hit both of the hotel’s bars. First she “downed several glasses of  Chardonnay” at Stickneys. After that place closed, she moved on to The Cave, where she continued to drink alone until the place closed at midnight.

“She had a glazed look on her face, much like she was drinking to forget rather than drinking to have a good time,” said the source.

Nancy did the same thing the following night, then checked out at noon on Thursday and headed back to  Newtown and an unimaginable nightmare.

Said the source: “Little did anyone know just 12 hours after she arrived home, she’d be dead.”