Crooner In Crisis!

Aaron Carter: Suicide Fears From Friends

Singer made several recent gun purchase attempts!

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Aaron Carter has friends so concerned he will attempt to commit suicide they called the police!

Local authorities visited the Florida home of the pop star several times after he reportedly threatened suicide and made attempts to purchase a gun.

According to police records, three calls within 24 hours were received about Carter.

The “I Want Candy” singer was reportedly binging on drugs and alcohol and refused to take medicine following a recent car accident. The caller also felt he needed a psychiatric evaluation.

Carter told police he was fine when they questioned him at his home, but returned the following morning after they were informed by a caller that the singer was “not in a safe mental state” and “has threatened to harm family and others.”

“arms hurt my legs hurt all my airbags went off I broke my nose,” tweeted Carter about the accident but did not provide any further information.

Aaron Carter: Bisexual Pop Star’s Secrets Come Out

The former Disney Channel star has been making news this year. He was arrested back in July on charges of DUI and possession of marijuana in Georgia along with his then girlfriend Madison Parker when he was supposed to be in Kansas City to perform a concert. He blamed the situation on the rental car he was driving.

He has also accused his older brother Nick Carter of ‘abandoning’ him, claiming the ‘Backstreet Boy’ was just using his recent troubles to grab publicity for himself!

Then, just last month, Carter publicly came out as bisexual on social media which eventually ended his relationship with Parker.

A rep for the singer said, “Aaron is fine and preparing for his performance in Memphis Saturday night and in New York on Tuesday.”