Published on: April 12, 2012
Photography by: TLC


Pathetic, much? Moron mom dyes tot eyebrows for latets pre-fab outrage on “Toddlers & Tiaras”.

In another exciting ep of White Trashus Psychopathus aka “Toddlers and Tiaras”  Lori, an Ohio mom was seen on the reality trainwreck bleaching her daughter’s eyelashes.

“Sorry that’s enough, my eye IS burning,” Alaska, 9, cried. “My eye is burning really bad!”

The pre-pubescent stage mom, Lori, claims that she’s been dyeing Alaska’s lashes for the past eight months.

“She is more comfortable here,” she told the all- seeing camera eye as Alaska squirmed.

Yet in another nausea inducing seg Lori was caught asking a pageant official if her father needed to pay to enter the pageant despite the fact he was blind.

“It’s not silly, he’s not watching it,” she argued.

“He hasn’t had to pay at movies.”

Good thing this TLC crap is on free cable TV – wait – you STILL have to pay for cable TV?!

Good lord..........choke/